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As the year comes to a close and holiday indulgences beckon, Burg editor Larry Binda and city reporter Lizzy Hardison recap the week in news and look ahead to 2018. In this episode, they discuss the city's finalized budget, which will make some exciting project possible in the new year. They also examine the debate surrounding Harrisburg City Schools superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney, whose contract is up for renewal in 2018. The School Board isn't sure she deserves another term. Lizzy describes a showdown that took place at last week's board meeting and explains why Knight-Burney drew fire for supporting a school voucher program in 2011. Plus, Lizzy and Larry round out the year's top news stories. 

Be sure to ring in the new year with the next issue of theBurg, which comes out Friday, Dec. 29.

Read reporting mentioned in this episode: 

In the Books: Harrisburg Council makes a few tweaks, passes 2018 budget.

All Heat No Fire: Divided Harrisburg school board delays vote on superintendent’s future.

To Re-hire or Not? Pro-voucher video surfaces as Harrisburg school board considers Knight-Burney’s future.

Citing low manpower, police dial back plans for Allison Hill substation.

As Harrisburg finalizes its 2018 budget, officials hear a forecast for Act 47.

Exit Strategy: Harrisburg seeks assistance as it eyes leaving Act 47.

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