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TheBurg's editor in chief Larry Binda sits down with city reporter Lizzy Hardison to rehash the past two weeks in Harrisburg news. They recap what the heck happened with that election day raffle, discuss the city's new comprehensive plan, and imagine a skyline changed by Harrisburg University's new building project. 

A note to our listeners: We are working hard to bring you better audio quality! We've acquired new microphones and hope that you'll see a marked improvement in sound quality in our next episode. 

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Thousands of dollars later, campaign yields no finance report and one unhappy candidate.

It’s Here: Harrisburg’s draft comprehensive plan released

Healthcare & a Hotel: HU plans mixed-use high-rise in downtown Harrisburg 

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TheBurg Podcast returns after a long hiatus! This week, Editor in Chief Larry Binda and City Reporter Lizzy Hardison discuss why anti-abortion advocates are suing the city, the proposed changes to 2nd Street, and the revivification of Harrisburg's mysterious comprehensive plan. Plus, Lizzy breaks down the details of a proposed amendment to the state constitution, which will be on the ballot in Tuesday's elections. Listen to the end to hear your hosts' picks for "The Most Harrisburg Thing This Week." (Hint: they mostly have to do with pasta.)

Find the stories referenced in this week’s podcast: 

Abortion foes challenge Harrisburg protest buffer in court.

2-Way 2nd: Council action brings major road change nearer.

Plan of Action: Progress finally made on Harrisburg's comprehensive plan.

Property tax amendment mired in uncertainty ahead of November election.

I’ve Got a Secret: Some of the best places in Harrisburg are worth searching out.

Curious how Second Street became the mimi-highway that it is today? Read this 2013 feature from former Burg city reporter Paul Barker.

Second Thoughts: Decades ago, Harrisburg’s leaders quickly turned 2nd Street into an urban highway. Some people now think they made a big mistake.


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