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TheBurg's editor-in-chief Larry Binda and city reporter Lizzy Hardison consider recent building projects downtown that have some people crying “gentrification.” They also dig into two statewide news developments and their effects on Harrisburg: the supreme court ruling against gerrymandering, and the approval of a new statewide education plan.

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Yes, But: Council OKs apartment plan, but approval comes with a warning.

Wide-Ranging Discussion: Harrisburg officials tackle multitude of issues at community forum.

A new state system puts less emphasis on standardized tests. How will Harrisburg schools fare?

Capital Redistrict: What will the gerrymander ruling mean for Harrisburg?

TheBurg Podcast is released biweekly by TheBurg Magazine. It is recorded in the offices of StartUp Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. Special thanks to Paul Cooley, who wrote our theme music.

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We're devoting this week's discussion to one topic: Harrisburg's comprehensive plan. Burg editor in chief Larry Binda and city reporter Lizzy Hardison follow the years-long project from its auspicious beginning to acrimonious end. What caused the project to sour? Who shares blame for the breakdown between the city and its contractor?  And what does the plan even say, anyway? They cover all these questions and more in this week's episode of TheBurg Podcast.

Read our coverage of the comprehensive plan on

Harrisburg Architect To Steer City’s Comprehensive Plan

What’s the Plan? After scores of meetings and tons of input, Harrisburg’s comprehensive plan process enters the final stretch.

After much delay, city officials lay out timeline to complete comprehensive plan

Plan of Action: Progress finally made on Harrisburg’s comprehensive plan.

It’s Here: Harrisburg’s draft comprehensive plan released

Harrisburg’s comprehensive plan is “unworkable,” say mayor, business leaders.

Comprehensive Jam: Harrisburg spent $200k on a planning project that the Mayor now recommends trashing. What went wrong, and what could the plan mean for the city?

Special thanks to Paul Cooley, who wrote our theme music. TheBurg Podcast is recorded in the offices of StartUp Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. 


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