Magazine-style news podcast that introduces you to the most fascinating people in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. Hear their authentic stories, straight from every month’s issue of TheBurg—with a different twist—on TheBurg Podcast. Because there’s always “more to the story.” Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine devoted to PA news, business, art, culture, music, food, health, sports and more; Lawrance Binda, editor.

It may feel challenging to maintain a sense of community throughout the pandemic—but that’s the challenge all of our guests tackle in this episode.

First, we welcome Blake Lynch, Community Policing Coordinator for the Harrisburg Police Bureau. His voice is one of several in the July issue’s, “Voices of Our Community,” which highlights perspectives from Harrisburg’s Black community. On the podcast, we dive deeper into his unique position as Community Policing Coordinator--which he describes as “a bridge,” plus he shares his thoughts on the “defund the police” movement and more.

Community can grow from a garden (“Tough Times, Green Times”). Harrisburg’s community gardens are thriving—and they’re producing more than flowers and vegetables. On the podcast, writer Deb Schell expands on the many benefits of pandemic gardening. Plus Deb explains how she made a pandemic pivot to found a new venture, Find Calm Here.

Harrisburg is easing back into a cultural sense of community, with 3rd in the Burg events starting back up again in July. Coordinator Kelsey Tatge explains what 3rd in the Burg means to the city’s arts and cultural community.

Editor of TheBurg, Lawrance Binda returns with “The Most Harrisburg Thing” for July—and it’s a community icon.

Meet some of the Harrisburg area’s most fascinating people, and hear their own authentic stories, expanded from every month’s magazine, on TheBurg Podcast—because there’s always “more to the story.”

Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Lawrance Binda, co-publisher/editor.

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