Magazine-style news podcast that introduces you to the most fascinating people in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. Hear their authentic stories, straight from every month’s issue of TheBurg—with a different twist—on TheBurg Podcast. Because there’s always “more to the story.” Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine devoted to PA news, business, art, culture, music, food, health, sports and more; Lawrance Binda, editor.

We’ve cooked up a podcast lineup filled to the brim with warm topics.

From the surprising trends in Harrisburg’s pandemic purchases, to her own go-to meals at home, Andrea Karns of Karns Quality Foods explains how grocery stores have shelved their traditional operations and how shoppers are setting some hot, and sometimes spicy, trends.

Not only is food writing Stephanie Kalina Metzger’s bread and butter, but she’s an expert at making bread and butter pickles. Meet one of TheBurg’s foodie writers and hear her recommendations for local pandemic takeout.

Harrisburg Bicycle Club member Cindy Gorski explains why she prefers wintertime bike riding over summer spins. And she shares her inspirational story of how she logged 100,000 miles.

Plus TheBurg’s editor Lawrance Binda shares warm thoughts about 2021, in his Most Harrisburg Thing for January.

All three guests expand upon January magazine stories:

Crisis in Aisle 12 / Grains of Taste / Snowball Effect

TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by Karen Hendricks, a lifelong journalist who also dabbles in PR/Marketing. Visit her website here. 

TheBurg is a monthly community magazine based in Harrisburg, Pa.; Lawrance Binda, co-publisher/editor.

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Meet some of the Harrisburg area’s most fascinating people, and hear their own authentic stories, expanded from every month’s magazine, on TheBurg Podcast—because there’s always “more to the story.”  

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