Magazine-style news podcast that introduces you to the most fascinating people in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. Hear their authentic stories, straight from every month’s issue of TheBurg—with a different twist—on TheBurg Podcast. Because there’s always “more to the story.” Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine devoted to PA news, business, art, culture, music, food, health, sports and more; Lawrance Binda, editor.

Covering TheBurg’s news through a pandemic has been a challenging experience filled with equally rewarding, innovative, heartbreaking and humorous moments for four of our freelance writers.

Writers Diane Mc-Cormick, Gina Napoli and Susan Ryder join Karen Hendricks for a conversation that expands upon “Pandemic Perspectives,” their essays published in the March 2021 issue of TheBurg.

From innovative interviews, poignant social justice stories, pivots in theater performances, challenging work-from-home environments, pandemic pet adoptions, and healthy doses of humor, our writers summarize a year’s worth of highs and lows.

Not to be outdone, Lawrance Binda, editor of TheBurg, delivers this podcast’s “icing” on the cake through his “Most Harrisburg Thing.”

We give a warm welcome to podcast sponsor, the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, in celebration of their 90th birthday and special online performance this month.

This episode marks the one-year anniversary of TheBurg Podcast’s magazine style format produced and hosted by Karen Hendricks, and we close out the show with a fun collection of bloopers and behind-the-scenes moments from the past year.

“Thank you” to all listeners and guests, and we look forward to sharing more fascinating interviews over the next year!

TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by Karen Hendricks, a lifelong journalist who also dabbles in PR/Marketing. Visit her website here. 

TheBurg is a monthly community magazine based in Harrisburg, Pa.; Lawrance Binda, co-publisher/editor. 

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Meet some of the Harrisburg area’s most fascinating people, and hear their own authentic stories, expanded from every month’s magazine, on TheBurg Podcast—because there’s always “more to the story.”  

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