Magazine-style news podcast that introduces you to the most fascinating people in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. Hear their authentic stories, straight from every month’s issue of TheBurg—with a different twist—on TheBurg Podcast. Because there’s always “more to the story.” Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine devoted to PA news, business, art, culture, music, food, health, sports and more; Lawrance Binda, editor.

This might be the only podcast in history that brings together an ice skater, violinist and illustrator. The fact that all three have ties to Harrisburg? We call that quirky cool.


Ice skater Kasey Jordan of Harrisburg explains how she helps her Central PA-based team, Revolution Ice Unity, with both physical and mental health. And she shares her thoughts on the greater conversation about the mental health of athletes.


Peter Sirotin of Market Square Concerts explains how truly rare and special it is, to be marking a 40th anniversary in chamber music (Philadelphia’s equivalent is younger!), and he explains how classical music and the arts impact our everyday lives—from favorite movies, pandemic pick-me-ups, to even social media scrolling.


Illustrations by Rich Hauck grace nearly every issue of TheBurg magazine, but this podcast marks the first time he’s been interviewed and shared his words with TheBurg. Meet this talented illustrator and designer.


Lawrance Binda, editor of TheBurg, share his “Most Harrisburg Thing” for September—and be sure to listen to the end, because for some reason he buries his lede in this one—it’s worth it!

This month’s podcast is based on September magazine stories:

Breaking the Ice | 40 & Fabulous | See Rick Hauck’s September illustration in Gold Plated Spaces and his June 2015 TheBurg cover art “tourist map”


TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by longtime Harrisburg-area journalist Karen Hendricks. Visit her website here. 


Every month, TheBurg Podcast introduces you to some of Harrisburg’s most fascinating people. Their stories start on the pages of TheBurg magazine, and are expanded here on TheBurg Podcast… because “there’s always more to the story.”


DYK? TheBurg Podcast received two prestigious awards in 2021: First place, Excellence in Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists, Keystone Chapter; and Honorable mention, Keystone Media Award, Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation.


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