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New Year, New You? Nope, we’re not going there in 2022.


Public sentiment amid a pandemic calls for a new slogan. We propose “New Year, New Issues” and our podcast stories help you navigate through a number of current issues.


Seth Dellinger of Harrisburg is director of community engagement for Animal Advocates of South Central PA, an organization dedicated to supporting the vegan community. He debunks the common misconceptions—and dives into some of the issues--about veganism.


Author Fred Burton of Harrisburg used a controversial topic—fracking—to reach people on both sides of the issue and help them see the other side’s point of view, through the characters in his book. He walks us through the pros and cons of fracking—an issue vital to Pennsylvania.


Harrisburg runner Clare Flannery recently ran the race of a lifetime, the iconic Boston Marathon. She shares her insights, for a dose of “New Year, New You” inspo.


Plus our esteemed editor Lawrance Binda shares his “most Harrisburg thing” for January—and it falls right into the “New Year, New Issues” category.


Thanks to podcast sponsor Stonebridge Financial Group for sharing valuable financial advice for the new year. Special thanks as always to Harrisburg band YamYam for our podcast music.


TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by longtime Harrisburg-area journalist Karen Hendricks. Visit her website here. 


Backstories: This episode is based upon the following December magazine stories:

Vegan, Begin | Penning Perspective | Runner’s High


Every month, TheBurg Podcast introduces you to some of Harrisburg’s most fascinating people. Their stories start on the pages of TheBurg magazine, and are expanded here on TheBurg Podcast… because “there’s always more to the story.”


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