Magazine-style news podcast that introduces you to the most fascinating people in Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. Hear their authentic stories, straight from every month’s issue of TheBurg—with a different twist—on TheBurg Podcast. Because there’s always “more to the story.” Hosted by Karen Hendricks. TheBurg is a monthly community magazine devoted to PA news, business, art, culture, music, food, health, sports and more; Lawrance Binda, editor.
Every month, we expand three stories from the pages of TheBurg magazine because “there’s always more to the story.” On the February podcast:  

Dr. Kimeka Campbell reflects on her one-year anniversary as host of Harrisburg Black Newsbeat. We also learn more about her background, as well as her work with Young Professionals of Color-Greater Harrisburg.


Sue Kunisky, Vice President of Operations at Visit Hershey & Harrisburg, explores the Black Travel Experience—the organization’s latest trail experience which markets Harrisburg’s Black-owned businesses, Black cultural and historical landmarks, and more.


We also go beyond the surface of artist Wendy Allen’s nearly 40-year career of painting Abraham Lincoln, from her Gettysburg gallery Lincoln into Art. She explains why she strives to keep Lincoln’s legacy alive and relevant through each painting.


If there was ever a historical figure who stood up for minorities and equality for all, it was Abraham Lincoln.


All of the podcast’s stories give voice to people or causes representing minorities, which statistics reveal, actually comprise majorities. For example, Harrisburg has a Black-majority (52%) population. Women own 31% of the state’s businesses, yet comprise 51% of Pennsylvania’s population.


TheBurg Podcast is hosted and produced by longtime Harrisburg-area journalist Karen Hendricks. Visit her website here. 


Backstories: This episode is based upon the following February magazine stories:

In the Spotlight | Getting the Word Out | Her Life’s Work


DYK? TheBurg Podcast received two prestigious awards in 2021: First place, Excellence in Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists, Keystone Chapter; and Honorable mention, Keystone Media Award, Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association Foundation.


TheBurg Podcast is welcoming sponsors and/or advertisers: Contact Lauren ( TheBurg is a monthly community magazine based in Harrisburg, Pa.; Lawrance Binda, co-publisher/editor.

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