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TheBurg's editor in chief Larry Binda and city reporter Lizzy Hardison recap the recent house committee hearing on Harrisburg's tax bill. They also discuss the upcoming appointment of a new member of Harrisburg City Council. Stay tuned until the end for a spirited discussion of Pawpaws, America's forgotten fruit!

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State & The City: Harrisburg mayor makes case to retain tax rates, exit Act 47.

House bill would prohibit commuter tax, extend current taxing authority for Harrisburg

Leaving Act 47: The private sector has revitalized Harrisburg in the past. It can do so again.

Former mayoral candidate among 17 seeking seat on Harrisburg City Council

HBG FAQ: Welcome to Harrisburg. Now read this.

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TheBurg Podcast is back following a summer hiatus. We recap the latest developments in Harrisburg’s Act 47 saga, including an effort to lobby the state legislature and the impending deadline to adopt a state-approved Act 47 exit plan. We also discuss HMAC’s recent bankruptcy filing and what the business means to midtown Harrisburg.

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City Council to consider home rule ordinance as Act 47 deadline nears.

Following online outrage and revenue hit, HMAC files chapter 11 bankruptcy as a prelude to sale

State grant earmarked for HMAC could be jeopardized by bankruptcy filing, CREDC president says. 

TheBurg Podcast is released semi-monthly by TheBurg Magazine. It is recorded in the offices of Startup Harrisburg and produced by Lizzy Hardison. Special thanks to Paul Coolley, who wrote our theme music.


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